"From the joys and perils of international adoption to the strains of divorce and child custody, "Love on Trial" shows how even good people can get swept into our legal system. Thankfully, we have author, and former trial lawyer, Paul Turk to navigate us through those troubled waters. Turk takes full advantage of his legal background, weaving an edifying tale of family and faith. Along the way, the reader is transported from a prison ministry, to the courts of justice, to the steps of the Via Dolorosa in the Holy Land. This is the third novel in Turk's series that focuses on faith, hope, love and law. I look forward to reading more of them!"

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John and Anna Taylor...
... a lawyer and a schoolteacher, have what everyone wants: promising careers, a beautiful home, exotic vacations, money in the bank, and an adorable baby girl.
But when an unexpected death is followed by a surprising arrest, their lives - and their faith in a good God - starts to unravel.

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about Faith Beyond the Trials...

Paul Turk's sequel to "Faith Beyond the Trials" involves a fast paced, high stakes will contest between two wealthy siblings. The book also continues the life story of the Taylors and the issues they face with Anna becoming pregnant again.

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Paul Turk grew up in Utica, New York and has been married to his high school sweetheart, the former Katherine Murphy, for thirty-seven years.
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