Mothers Day Should Be More Than Once A Year

Our family celebrated Mothers Day yesterday, but the day went by much too quickly. Before we knew it, dinner was finished and soon after our grandchildren were ready for bed. The events of the day were terrific, and our family was blessed being together. But today, it seems like the day should have been longer so we could have enjoyed our time together more.

As I reflected on how quickly the years have flown by, I began to think that we should honor our mother and our wife (as the mother of our children) more than just once a year for all they do in building up and keeping our family on the right track. Why not make one Sunday a month a special day to take time out to show our appreciation to our mother and wife for the sacrifices they make throughout their lives for their family.

A surprise visit to Mom’s house (or a telephone call if she lives too far away) to let her know how much we care for her might be just the ticket for her to feel she’s made quite a positive difference in her child’s life. As for your wife, why not make Sunday dinner once a month, or if cooking is not your forte, take her and the kids out for dinner.

Mothers are certainly very special and we should honor them more than just once a year. I am commited to doing that, and I hope you will as well. No matter how you choose to take the time and effort to recognize the wonderful women in your life, nothing but precious memories will unfold from those actions.

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