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RUNNER - UP Paris Book Festival - Best Spiritual Fiction

San Francisco Book Festival - HONORABLE MENTION - Best Spiritual Fiction

Hollywood Book Festival- HONORABLE MENTION - Best Spiritual Fiction

Readers' Favorite 2015 International Book Awards - Honorable Mention - Best Christian Fiction

Mom's Choice Awards - Silver Recipient - Adult Fiction

Florida Book Festival - WINNER - Best Spiritual Fiction

"Life's Choices, by Paul Turk is truly an awe inspiring work. Although Paul claims this book is fiction, it is so factual that you could say, 'The names have been changed to protect the innocent.' Life's Choices is really two books in one, combining the elements of saving unborn children at abortion clinics, through the crisis pregnancy centers and then through the choice of either abortion or giving the baby life. The other element in this wonderful book deals with the choice one man makes that could lead to life in prison. Paul intertwines the characters of both segments of the book in such a way that Jesus in truly magnified. I highly recommend this book for all Pro-life people and also for those in the legal profession and those interested in the legal workings in courts in America. I would say Life's Choices is a must read for everyone."

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John and Anna Taylor...
... a lawyer and a schoolteacher, have what everyone wants: promising careers, a beautiful home, exotic vacations, money in the bank, and an adorable baby girl.
But when an unexpected death is followed by a surprising arrest, their lives - and their faith in a good God - starts to unravel.

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Paul Turk's sequel to "Faith Beyond the Trials" involves a fast paced, high stakes will contest between two wealthy siblings. The book also continues the life story of the Taylors and the issues they face with Anna becoming pregnant again.

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Paul Turk’s trilogy to “Faith Beyond the Trials” and “Trials of Hope” continues to follow the life story of John and Anna Taylor and their family. In “Love on Trial,” John Taylor has taken on a divorce case where child custody of three young siblings is at stake. In the book, the Taylors make a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land with the clergyman who has been a source of strength and inspiration to them. It is a journey which will forever change their lives.

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