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What Others Say About “Life’s Choices”…

“I enjoyed all of Paul Turk’s books. When I got Life’s Choices in the mail, before I read it, I went back and read the first 3. Very easy reading and loved the story line and characters. Can’t wait to see what he writes next.”
—Sharon Jernigan, Ocala, Florida

“What do an ex-con, a prison ministry group, two sisters walking into an abortion clinic, and a sidewalk counselor all have in common? Life’s Choices. In his book, Paul Turk weaves together the stories of ex-con Carlos Delgado and a pregnant teen named Lourdes through shared characters involved in both of their lives. Put a spiteful, sucker-punching ex-con in a courtroom with a former inmate he despises; add rivaling attorneys, one driven by political aspirations; then switch to scenes of a teen’s self-discovery and scenes that pit self concern against selfless love, and you come up with Life’s Choices, a book you will read, remember, and recommend to your friends.”
—Judy Bruns, Coldwater, Ohio

“Life’s Choices by Paul Turk is a novel which our society needs.The book is a wonderful testimony to God’s ability and willingness to assist all of us in our battles against darkness and discouragement when troubles come our way. The characters are real life and the dialogue makes you feel as though you were actually having a conversation with family or friends. The pro-life aspect, as well as the other intertwined issues, are inspirational. I highly recommend this book as a must read.”
—Brad Stetson, Jacksonville, Florida

“I love the way Paul Turk writes his new book Life’s Choices; by weaving two beautiful faith based stories into one magnificent book. One of the characters is a man named Carlos Delgado who was fighting for his life in a court room for a crime he said he did not commit. But because of a poor choice to get revenge he had to go through a very difficult time trying to prove he was not guilty. The second story involves an innocent 18 year old girl who discovers she was pregnant and had to make one of the most important decisions of her young life, to choose life or death for her unborn baby. This book had me unable to put it down until I finished it. Excellent read with inspiring stories showing Gods hand at work in the lives of people on their journeys through life.”
—Dennis Marquez, Wellington, Florida

“On an overcast, lazy Sunday not too long ago, I saw Mr. Turk’s book, Life’s Choices, sitting on my counter, so I decided to kick back and read it. I couldn’t put it down! It was extremely entertaining and captivating. Mr. Turk was able to successfully intertwine two compelling stories – one about Pro-Life and the other about a falsely accused criminal suspect who seeks justice based on his honesty, integrity and faith. I highly recommend Mr. Turk’s book!”
—Joseph Johnston, West Palm Beach, Florida

“Paul Turk is a wonderful author and I have read every one of his books and I have enjoyed all of them. I like this book because Lourdes decided not to have an abortion, but to go through an adoption. I am glad they cleared Carlos Delgado and he did not have to go back to prison, but became a born again Christian. I would definitely recommend the book. It is a wonderful story about the choices we have to make in life.”
—Patricia Branagh, Syracuse, New York

“This is Paul’s fourth book with some of the same characters. He makes them seem real. His books are exciting and reads like a mystery. They are difficult to put down. I recommend that you read all four books.”
—Dorothy Adams, West Palm Beach, Florida

“Paul Turk is both a caring Christian man and a phenomenal expert essay writer. His three books all have had a positive uplifting message in them. I have enjoyed all three. I happen to know Paul personally by serving on several church retreats with him. Paul’s latest book, entitled Life’s Choices, has three exciting adventures going on throughout the book at the same time. Paul will always end one adventure at an exciting point before he moves to the next adventure. I could not wait to see what would happen in the next chapter. I literally could not put his book down. I am looking forward to purchasing more Christian fiction books by Paul Turk”
—Steve Walsh, Stuart, Florida

“Thanks to the author for writing a book that deals with everyday life. It is heart warming to have the subject of unplanned pregnancy addressed in such an enjoyable read. Having been a fan since his first book, I pray that Paul continues to write so his followers will have good, faith-driven books to keep them entertained. Thanks again to the author and his publishers as I anxiously await the next book!”
—Barbara Wade, Wellington, Florida

“The culture of death is conquered each time that a woman says “yes” to the life of her unborn baby! In the novel Life’s Choices, the protagonist is an eighteen year old woman who boldly and emphatically chooses to defy death by choosing life! I encourage everyone to read Life’s Choices and rejoice each time a choice is made to conquer the culture of death!”
—Father Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests For Life, Staten Island, New York

“Prison ministry and pro-life intervention share a core value for those whose lives have brought them to desperation or hopelessness. Both inmates in prison and pregnant women who have already chosen abortion or are considering it need the compassionate arms of Christianity to come alongside and love them. How shall they choose? Carlos made mistakes that threatened his freedom on the outside and the fresh start he had begun. Friends gathered round him and prayed for his well being. Lourdes responded to volunteers on the sidewalk and trained staff in the pregnancy help center. Testimonies inspired her to choose adoption rather than abortion. In both, the answer is relationships forged by caring, hands-on Christians. In Life’s Choices, Paul Turk masterfully weaves parallel plots to their joyous intersection.”
—Judy Madsen Johnson, Author, Stories from the Front Lines: The Battle Against Abortion Oviedo, Florida

“Life’s Choices is an easy read and an eye opener to the citizen who has not yet crossed paths with the pro-life movement. I recommend this novel if you are looking for a real life view of choices we face in today’s culture.”
—Mary Rodriquez, R.N., Program Administrator, Birthline/Lifeline Pregnancy Care Centers Delray Beach, Florida

“Life’s Choices, by Paul Turk is truly an awe inspiring work. Although Paul claims this book is fiction, it is so factual that you could say, ‘The names have been changed to protect the innocent.’ Life’s Choices is really two books in one, combining the elements of saving unborn children at abortion clinics, through the crisis pregnancy centers and then through the choice of either abortion or giving the baby life. The other element in this wonderful book deals with the choice one man makes that could lead to life in prison. Paul intertwines the characters of both segments of the book in such a way that Jesus in truly magnified. I highly recommend this book for all Pro-life people and also for those in the legal profession and those interested in the legal workings in courts in America. I would say Life’s Choices is a must read for everyone.”
—Pastor Ed Martin, Pastor to the Unborn Children, Conyers, Georgia

“Life’s Choices is a book which is both entertaining and enlightening. Paul Turk provides great insight into often misunderstood pro-life help. He gives detailed descriptions of what goes on at Sidewalk Prayer outside of abortion mills, the purpose of Crisis Pregnancy Centers and how they can help, and the in’s and out’s of adoption. Mr. Turk uses his fictional novel to promote a culture of Life. I highly recommend this book.”
—Yoli Cory, Hiawassee, Georgia

“Paul Turk’s latest novel, Life’s Choices, is a gripping, thought-provoking story that you will not want to put down until the conclusion. It is a riveting narrative, with a likeable circle of friends, who exhibit godly character and a real compassion for others. The book will make you wish you had friends such as these, even though many led criminal lives before having life-changing experiences. It makes you want to live in Paul Turk’s world, where life is all about how you can help others and bring joy to their lives. Life’s Choices is a book about second chances and are presented from a Christian perspective. His legal knowledge enriches the story, while bringing courtroom scenes to life. Paul Turk’s fiction inspires, draws you closer to God, makes you feel cleansed inside and fills you with hope.”
—Kathy Johnson, Esq. Attorney and Author of Starlette Universe –Book 2: Eva from E-ville Delray Beach, Florida

“I heartily recommend Life’s Choices for any reader who is looking for a story filled with legal suspense and a pro-faith, pro-life message. Paul Turk manages to weave together a tale of how our life choices can impact our families, our future and even our freedom. With hard-hitting courtroom scenes and a story that is warm, encouraging and true-to-life, he exposes the weighty issues at play, but demonstrates the mercy and grace of God at work. “Life’s Choices” is a wonderful read for the community of faith, but also for anyone who is confronted with this issue. It will challenge your thinking, but mostly, it demonstrates that there is always hope.”
—A. Wayne Gill, Esq., Attorney, minister and author of The Runner, Lake Worth, Florida

What Others Say About “Love on Trial”…

“Love on Trial,” which is the third book in Paul Turk’s “Trials” trilogy, captures the courtroom drama and fallout when a mother, who steadfastly maintains that she is sober, is dealt the devastating news that her husband wants a divorce. Those words send shock waves into the family who will be dealing with the havoc and destruction that fractured families deal with everyday. Woven into the fabric of the story is the monumental task of dealing with the disease of alcoholism in a novel and unique way. It is Paul Turk’s gift that he can find the “good” in what otherwise would be a disastrous outcome. He is able to resolve the character flaws of the mother in a manner that truly serves the best interests of the children which is the hallmark of any hotly contested custody case. His characters are real people with real problems in today’s world. Paul’s characters have a better chance of success in our complicated world because of his loving approach to problem solving. Paul loves as Christ loves. This book is better because of it. I highly commend this book for your reading enjoyment if you are attracted to great stories of the trials of everyday life with a resolution that is sure to surprise you!”
Peggy Rowe-Linn, Esquire Board Certified Specialist in Marital and Family Law West Palm Beach, Florida

“Love on Trial,” is a pleasant read. I found the trial narrative compelling. And the Pilgrimage journal prompted many treasured memories of my own experience of the Holy Land.”
Most Rev. Thomas J. Costello, V.G. Former Auxiliary Bishop of Syracuse Syracuse, New York

“From the joys and perils of international adoption to the strains of divorce and child custody, “Love on Trial” shows how even good people can get swept into our legal system. Thankfully, we have author, and former trial lawyer, Paul Turk to navigate us through those troubled waters. Turk takes full advantage of his legal background, weaving an edifying tale of family and faith. Along the way, the reader is transported from a prison ministry, to the courts of justice, to the steps of the Via Dolorosa in the Holy Land. This is the third novel in Turk’s series that focuses on faith, hope, love and law. I look forward to reading more of them!”
Kenneth E. Nowell Author of “The Rise” Vero Beach, Florida

“Paul Turk is guilty of writing another uplifting book! “Love on Trial,” the third in the trilogy once again drew me into the lives of Anna and John Taylor. The journey of both their marriage and their pilgrimage to the Holy Land is inspiring. Paul’s characters aren’t perfect but they are energetic examples of getting a life back on track with enthusiasm, support and most of all, faith. I’d recommend this book for ecumenical groups, prison ministry and as a perfect beach book!”
Bonnie Rodgers Director of Marketing and Programming, The Catholic TV Network Boston, Massachusetts

“Love on Trial” focuses on many issues that are in the forefront of today’s world… divorce, addiction, marriage, conversion, anger, ministering to those incarcerated in prison… and tells a beautiful story of how one’s faith and love for God guides us through adversity and fills us with joy. The continuing saga of John and Anna Taylor and their faith-filled responses to the events that take place in their lives and the lives of the people they touch is an example for all of us. Paul Turk’s books are a must read!
Lorie Shekailo, CPA Jensen Beach, Florida

“Love on Trial” is a fitting capstone to Turk’s trilogy about lawyer John Taylor, his family and their pilgrimage of faith. Readers get a fascinating, behind-the-scenes view of a messy legal battle and are taken on a non-stop ride from inside the prisons and courtrooms of south Florida to Israel, where the Taylors gain new perspectives in the Holy Land. And just when you think you’ve figured out the story—be ready for the ending you didn’t expect! If you liked “Faith Beyond the Trials” and “Trials of Hope,” don’t miss “Love on Trial.”
Pete Nielsen Author of “Passport Please” Jupiter, Florida

I really enjoyed “Love on Trial.” My husband and I were blessed with meeting the author when we were on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Paul. He is an awesome author. I have read all three of his books and once I started reading each one, I could not put it down. I also love the fact that each book was Christian. Anyone who purchases this book and reads it will certainly NOT be disappointed. I can’t wait until the next one! Keep them coming Paul!
Patricia Branagh, Syracuse, New York

I truly enjoyed Paul Turk’s, “Faith Beyond the Trials,” as well as the two sequels that make up the trilogy in this series. The stories are very “real life” and depict many of the struggles and events we go through in our lives. I love how Paul weaves the faith journey of the characters throughout the series, and develops their personalities and friendships. Cannot wait for the next series from Paul.
Paul Leveille, Wellington, Florida

Paul has done it again. He has a talent to get your attention from the start and keep it. Loved all 3 of the series. Will be looking forward to his next book or series. I strongly recommend all this series. You will love them.
Sharon Jernigan, Ocala, Florida

“Love On Trial” proved to be as riveting as the others and his descriptive style of writing about the groups travels and experiences makes one feel a part of it. Looking forward to the next novel.
Norma Loftus, Oriskany, New York

Enjoyed reading Paul Turk’s third in a series about the Palm Beach lawyer whose dedication to both his legal profession and his passion for the good Christian life are blended together so beautifully. The Pilgrimage to the Holy Land is instructive and very interesting, and the interpersonal plot among the characters inspires the reader to hold steadfast to the holy bonds and gifts of matrimony and the certainty of God’s abiding love.
Katherine Milam, Plantation, Florida

“Love On Trial” is the third in a trilogy of Christian fiction books by Paul Turk. Most of the books I read are non-fiction. However, I have read all three books in the “Taylor Series.” They are well written and difficult to put down. The characters are very real and portions of the books are like a mystery.
Paul has used his Christian faith, legal background and his life experiences to tell these stories. He spoke of several of life’s trials. These books will encourage people to seek victory while standing on the promises of God. I look forward to reading Paul’s future books.
Dorothy Adams, West Palm Beach, Florida

I was looking forward to this 3rd book by Paul Turk and was not disappointed. This book was as much a page-turner as the first two. I especially enjoyed the fact that the end was not predictable. His characters are believable and the emotions are heartfelt. I liked the addition of a wife for John’s best friend. I hope Paul Turk continues to write many more books.
Jean Marie Middleton, West Palm Beach, Florida

I greatly enjoyed the third book in Paul Turk’s series. The story helps show how to live one’s faith in the challenges we all face.
Ken Reynolds, Jupiter, Florida

Paul Turk’s novels are pure joy to read, especially since the voice of the protagonist, John Taylor, is so kind, compassionate and gentle. It is such a pleasure to find inspirational fiction that encourages good works, empathy and sacrifice, and Paul Turk’s fiction give a lift and cleanse the mind.
I will miss John and Anna Taylor, as their trilogy has come to an end, but would ask the author to revisit their lives in future novels. Their spirits are engaging and they present role models for Christian living.
The legal issues are interesting and viewed from God’s perspective. The resolutions are impressive because they appear to be, not in accordance with man’s will, but in accordance with God’s superior will. Also, the Holy Land Pilgrimage was informative and full of spiritual insights.
This is a narrative of justice, hope and providence and a delightful, entertaining and highly-recommended read.
Kathy Johnson, Boca Raton, Florida

It was a blessing to read Paul Turk’s third book, “Love On Trial.” From the custody battle in the courtroom to a wife’s struggle with addiction, in the prison sharing his faith and the visit to the Holy Land, Paul takes us on an insightful trip. His books are inspiring to me; especially how John Taylor has grown in the practice of his faith, through his family, law practice, and in his prison ministries. What a great example of love and in this book, it gave me a renewed appreciation for my wife. For in his last quote it will forever change my life, “I’ll do my best each day to appreciate my wife and recognize that she is a Heavenly gift from God.”
Dennis Marquez, Wellington, Florida

What Others Say About “Trials of Hope”…

“Paul Turk writes with the gravitational pull of John Grisham, the generational insight of Walker Percy and the ecumenical appeal of C. S. Lewis. In his second novel, “Trials of Hope,” he has moved from master apprentice to master craftsman. It is a very difficult thing, once begun, to put a Paul Turk novel down! It is even more difficult to forget his characters and their search for redemption in a fallen world.”
Brian J. Gail, Author, Villanova, Pa.

“Paul Turk’s writing style amazes me! He has the ability to weave several characters and situations into one compelling story. I couldn’t put the book down. His writing reminds me of Jan Karon’s “The Mitford series.” I believe “Faith Beyond The Trials” and “Trials of Hope” are the beginning of a series of writings that will carry Paul Turk’s readers through many novels.”
Mary Smith, Managing Partner, The Cumberland Financial Group LLC, St. Mary’s, Ga.

“Trials of Hope,” Paul Turk’s sequel, to “Faith Beyond The Trials,” is a fitting follow-up to his debut page turner. Turk has again woven courtroom drama with real life spiritual trials. It’s a beautiful story of building stronger faith – and having it show in your work and home life. A wonderful and inspiring read!
Patrick Novecosky, Editor of Legatus Magazine and Correspondent for the National Catholic Register Naples, Florida

Paul Turk accurately and realistically portrays the sometimes ugly and sad world of probate litigation, where the sorrow and grief of losing a loved one is often compounded by fragile family relationships being torn apart, but he approaches this world from a biblical perspective through engaging storytelling and the development of his strong, faith-centered characters and the ethical and moral dilemmas they face. The result is inspiring and uplifting, showing the reader the hope, peace, and resolution that only a personal relationship with Christ can bring. Paul Turk’s years of courtroom experience as a well-respected litigator, as well as his unwavering Christian worldview, are evident in the authenticity of this book. I recommend Paul Turk’s “Trials of Hope” to anyone who enjoys courtroom dramas and human stories told from a biblical worldview.
Amy Fanzlaw, Probate and Elder Law Attorney, Boca Raton, Florida

My wife and I really enjoyed this book, as we had read a prior book of Paul’s with the same characters. The good and true-to-life legal plot is interwoven with the spiritual yearnings and triumphs of richly crafted characters.
Bill Milam, Plantation, Florida

Having just finished Paul Turk’s second legal novel, “Trials of Hope,” I must say that I continue to appreciate the author’s style, ability to keep my interest, leaves me wanting more and deliver real characters in real life situations. I appreciate the details of family life, faith and vocation that are all given throughout this book. I look forward to other works soon and fully endorse Paul Turk’s works to anyone that is looking for quality and substance along with Godly values in today’s world of confusion and uncertainty.
Bob Galasso, Spring Hill, Florida

“Trials of Hope” is the continuation of Paul Turk’s first book, “Faith Beyond The Trials.” I fell in love with a particular character in “Faith Beyond The Trials,” and was anxious to read more about his, and the main characters lives in the second novel. Not disappointed! One of the best things about Paul Turk’s novels, is that you spend time with worthy emotions and concepts (something sorely lacking in today’s culture) like forgiveness, hope, honor, humbleness, repentance, love, commitment, perserverance, and redemption, to name a few. These sometimes intangible concepts become alive and tangible in both Paul Turk’s works. And he accomplishes this effortlessly; the reader is not lead or forced, but rather willing and naturally experiences them through characters. The reader is not left emotionally exhausted, but energized and inspired. I highly recommend both books.
Julie Villelo, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Paul Turk’s, “Trials of Hope,” is very inspirational and entertaining. Having read the first book in the series,”Faith Beyond The Trials,” it was wonderful to see how he developed the characters even more and brought us to a new height of witnessing individuals trusting in the ways of the Lord even in the midst of their trials and day-to-day activities. Mr. Turk has a unique way of presenting the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus with the reality of our everyday lives in a very entertaining way. I highly recommend this book to everyone.
Teresa Nightingale, Royal Palm Beach, Florida

My wife and I love Paul Turk’s books. We read the original one, “Faith Beyond The Trials,” and were eager to read this sequel. As a former trial lawyer, Paul makes the courtroom come alive for the reader. This book keeps you turning pages way after good sense tells you to turn out the light. We are hoping that Paul will continue his story of John and Anna. We’re looking forward to more of Paul’s writing.
Ron Fortner, Bel Air, MD.

This book manages to successfully and intriguingly incorporate: (1) an insider’s attention-capturing look at in-court and behind-the-scenes lawyering; (2) the emotional struggles of a young couple dealing with two counter-balancing personal trials; (3) a glimpse of life in a unique state prison; and (4) the story of a person growing spiritually, inspite of himself, to overcome multiple adverse personal circumstances. It should appeal to a wide readership. There is not too much focus on any one element; and it keeps the reader’s mind moving and interest increasing with each chapter.
Betty Kester Conrad, Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

What a great book. I love to read and I have to say
that this is one of the best. You have a gift of writing.
Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to the next
Sharon Jernigan, Ocala, Florida

This book brings you into the courtroom. You are shown through two characters, John and Anna, how your dependency on God gives you hope. The author, a former attorney, is a great writer. You can understand and face the circumstances of Anna and John after reading this book. Great reading.
Janet Smith, Port St. Lucie, Florida

I have read two of the three books Paul Turk has written and I can’t wait to see what unfolds in the third book, “Love on Trial”.
The story of the lives of John and Ann Taylor is a blessing to see how their faith has helped them in the trials of life both in and out of the court room. Real life issues many of us can be faced with, but their hope in God to see them through and the blessing that comes from having a faith filled life is their saving grace.
I would recommend these books to anyone who is on a faith journey; they are enjoyable and inspiring.
Dennis Marquez, Wellington, Florida

In a starving world…Food for the Soul!
Fran McNesby, Stuart, Florida

I was so glad to see that there was a sequel to Paul Turk’s first book “Faith Beyond the Trials” I could really relate to John and Anna and was interested in hearing more about their life. The characters in the book had so many dimensions and I can’t wait to hear more. I hope that there is another book to follow, “Trials of Hope”. Great book and a compelling read!
Bonnie Rodgers, Boston, MA.

What Others Say About “Faith Beyond The Trials”…

“A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks thrown at them. Life throws unexpected bricks! Faith Beyond the Trials will show how to catch the bricks and build life’s solid foundation. Powerful! Real life!
– Dr. John Tolson, Founder and Chairman of the Board for The Gathering/ USA, Inc. and The Tolson Group; Team Chaplain, The Dallas Cowboys

“I have enjoyed reading Faith Beyond The Trials. It offers tremendous insight into the legal system and life issues such as guilt and redemption, providing a strong Christian perspective.”
– Sidney A. Stubbs, Esq., Senior Partner at Jones, Foster, Johnston & Stubbs, P.A., West Palm Beach, Florida

“The book is sterling. Turk manages to combine courtroom, legal, and personal drama with enough action to keep even the most casual reader reading well into the night. No human emotion goes untouched; and there is surely a redeeming message of hope for every person who reads this wonderful book.”
– Bette Kester Conrad, Esq. Attorney and Author, West Palm Beach, Florida

I read your book this week, I could not put it down. I really enjoyed it. I can think of many friends I will recommend it to.
– Carolyn Sapp, Little Rock, AR

I finished reading your book. Wow! Congratulations on writing a wonderful book. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Your writing is as polished as any author I have ever read. Let me also say, I love the way you put it together. You transition from chapter to chapter beautifully. Your book flows seamlessly. Very good stuff! I will wholeheartedly recommend it!
– Shane Cashion, Esq., Clayton, MO

I really enjoyed the book! Great development of the characters and I liked how specifically you described the process they went through. I recommended it to the Christ Fellowship Book Club. Looking forward to the next one.
– Betsy Burden, Esq., West Palm Beach, FL

I enjoyed the story. The legal part was true to life. More importantly, though, I could feel as a reader the emotional turmoil that John was going through. I can feel the turmoil that Anna was having and recognize how difficult this would be in their lives. John’s personal turmoil in dealing with the situation and “God” is one that I am sure many people have had. John’s resolution of that issue is hopeful. I believe your novel will have a message that will benefit many people.
– S. Sammy Cacciatore, Esq.,  Melbourne, FL

Having received an autographed copy of “Faith Beyond The Trials” as a gift, I am thrilled to be able to tell you how much I enjoyed your work. I don’t usually read fiction but, your book presented the characters as real people dealing with real situations. Faith is truly “An Inspirational Novel of Faith, Love and Law.” My prayers are with you as you pursue your journey as an author. I look forward to reading your future books. May God bless you with millions of copies sold!
– Dorothy Adams, West Palm Beach, FL

I finished reading the novel, and I enjoyed every bit of it.  Reading the story was very inspirational. You did an excellent job for your first novel. In addition, I really love the bookmark, and I can’t wait for you to write some more.
– Aruna Khan, Boca Raton, FL

I finished reading your book on Christmas Eve -yeah! It was fantastic and I’m looking forward to your next novel.
– Lisa Hagan, West Palm Beach, FL

I finished your wonderful book. It was inspired and inspirational, touching me in a personal way, which is the true hallmark of all good reads. It reminded me a little of “The Shack,” in its crisis of faith theme. The world needs more authors like you, so keep it up!
– Katherine Milam, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Unlike a lot of books I read and forget about, this is the type of book that stays with you….
– Ron Fortner, Bel Air, MD

I’m not sure where to start… I think the story is amazing!!! John and Anna became real!! Following them through their challenges left me crying at times, feeling their pain and praying with Anna for John to return to his foundation of faith… The story can’t end with this first book. I think there are a lot of stories that could come from this beginning…
– Mary Smith, St. Mary’s, GA

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. The story line kept me interested through out, and the reference to land marks and streets also kept my interest. This book will be a success, especially among the Christian community. The prayer card is great, and I will keep it in my Bible and read it often. Thanks again and great success on this book and the next one.
– Jim Fawcett, Lake Worth, FL

Turk really has a way of bringing out his characters in a manner that makes you truly want them to break through and succeed. The story in Faith Beyond The Trials really flows well, and the courtroom scenes gripped me to where I found myself reading far longer into the night than I ever expected. It’s nice to find a book that’s as entertaining as this that still has a real moral backbone. 5 stars, I can’t wait until the sequel hit kindle!!!
Nick Curley, West Palm Beach, Florida

Thank you, Mr. Turk, for a novel that raises our spirits and reaffirms the power of faith.The characters are all interesting and believable, leaving you with a feeling of familiarity.As an attorney, I especially enjoyed how legal detail was woven throughout the storyline. Great job and I look forward to your next book.
David Smith, St. Petersburg, Florida

This is a well written novel. It is a story about what can happen to almost anyone, but with a spiritual twist. His character, Robert, kind of steals the show. I hope Paul will find the time to write a sequel that contains more of Robert. I highly recommend this book to everyone.
Deacon Jim Meyer, Wellington, Florida

“Faith Beyond The Trials” is a well written book about real life circumstances that happen to real life people. I’m not a “reader” but I had a hard time putting this book down. The characters could be your neighbors. I found myself crying in some parts and smiling in others. John and Anna endure hardships that would break many people, but Turk shows how their faith in God brings them through, without preaching to the reader. AND, you don’t have to read through a lot of cussing from the characters.
Denise Brooker, Sebring, Florida

I really enjoyed this book. The characters are interesting and the legal scenes are spot on. John and Anna Taylor have everything going for them, but all it takes is a momentary lapse of judgment to turn their lives upside down and inside out. The resulting journey these characters embark upon is frightening, cautionary, insightful, and inspirational. Although this book is told from a Christian perspective, it is honest and doesn’t seem preachy. This is an impressive debut novel.
John Moran, Wellington, Florida

I finished your book and wanted to let you know I thought it was outstanding. A very interesting story line which drew me in emotionally and personally. Good job. I look forward to the next one.
– Bill Hennessey, Esq., West Palm Beach, FL

I thoroughly enjoyed your book and found it inspiring. Good job. When does the next one come out?
– Barry Balmuth, Esq., West Palm Beach, FL

I thought the book was awesome. I loved the technical side of the legal issues and courtroom. The interplay between John, Anna and his experiences with the legal system (which he’d been a part of but now was on the other side) and the way you told the events and emotions of the story and characters, really touched my heart. I am praying God will use your book to bless and influence countless lives for His kingdom.
– Jack Levine, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Mr. Turk nailed it! He successfully combined real-life legal drama with deep-rooted faith to create this wonderfully inspirational and entertaining story. Mr. Turk’s knowledge of the legal system is clearly evident as is his belief that faith in God and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, helps us to overcome all of life’s trials and tribulations. Thanks for a great book, and I look forward to reading “Trials of Hope” and “Love on Trial.”
Joe Johnston, North Palm Beach, Florida

My husband and I both enjoyed this first book by Paul Turk. Hubby is not the reader in the family – however he finished this book in a couple of days – everytime I turned around, he was reading. A very true story and makes everyone think about the consequences of having a few beers or glasses of wine and then getting behind the wheel of the car. John Taylor’s faith journey is an inspiration for all who have a family member who is struggling with their faith.
Steve and Kathy Walsh, Stuart, Florida

I like a story that has Faith woven throughout. Turk shows the importance of Christian values when dealing with the trials of life and that faith can and will bring us through with belief and trust in God. I’m just waiting to know more about Robert’s prayer card and if he will have more of a part in upcoming novels by Mr. Turk.
Lois Tejada, Sebring, Florida

Paul has created characters that you fall in love with and feel as if they are your own personal friends. I just hope he contiues to write because I am a fan that will never miss a book. There are too few Christian novels out there and this one tops the list.
Barbara Wade, Wellington, Florida

Paul Turk writes in a real way that makes you feel like you know the characters and can relate to them. The process this couple goes through is inspiring and faith filled. This is a book that you would feel confident and proud to recommend to family and friends. I have enjoyed this book tremendously and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes fiction based on real life situations. All without any compromising of morals! It would be nice to have more books like this on the market and even nicer to see more movies or tv series based on books like this! Great job!
Kay Lasiter, Boynton Beach, Florida

The book is GREAT! I wish you all the best… This book would be a great movie!!
– Linda McCurdy, Whitesboro, NY